Today's episode features housekeeping, a brief breakdown of what Hurricane Castillo was, and later Manuel tells as best he can the story of the 112 Popes and how close we are to global annihilation. (I think?)

Nick and Manuel share the past week's events. Nick shares possible evidence of time travel and Manuel discusses more paranormal stuff from his house.

Manuel shares some new paranormal events from his house and Nick is excited about this weekend's wrestling shows. Then the Cryptid Files open up again and it's all about Mermaids. As weird as the world is can mermaids actually exist?

In today's show, Nick and Manuel catch up and discuss a strange phone call, Manuel made to Nick that he doesn't remember and there is little to no evidence it even occurred. Then Nick gives a brief rundown of real vampire hunters from the 17th and 18th centuries. 

Today's episode is a little bit more housekeeping (it was a very dirty house) in regards to outer space and the moon landing. Then Manuel brings to light some new Mandella Effects, possibly as a result of the hadron collider that was used several days ago?

This is part 2 of the housekeeping. Included are the topics of the Pentagon and the attack on 9/11, the black boxes recovered from the planes, Covid vaccine hesitancy, and the counting of mail-in ballots from the last election.

In today's episode, Nick tackles all the various conspiracy theories that came in the final 25 or so minutes of the last episode. This is a whole episode of housekeeping addressing all those theories. 

June 30, 2022

Ep. 139 - What???

In today's show, Nick and Manuel talk about quite a lot of sex some weird things happening with Alexa, a spooky alien encounter, some political topics and if the earth is flat, and moon landing stuff.

After taking a much-needed week off, Nick and Manuel are back to catch up on all the major things that happened while they were gone. Nick continues to have bad luck with anything electronic and Manuel ponders if a certain bodily fluid's taste can be altered.

Nick and Manuel start off the show discussing Sinbad of all people, late-night talk shows, and some kid's movies from the early 90s before leaping into the main topic; crimes in the world of pro wrestling.

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